Friday, November 16, 2012

11 Months!

Clothes: Christian is in 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers

Christian loves to explore and play. Each morning he plays with his blocks in bed while his mom and dad get to rest for a few more minutes. He loves his stuffed animals and playing at his new activity table. He is just as happy playing at home as he is out running errands with mama!

Christian has 2 1/2 teeth... His top tooth is just starting to slowly poke through.  He is officially crawling! It was fun to watch this progression from army crawling to the "jack knife" crawl to up on all fours. HE is pulling himself up and even with occasionally stand on his own for a few seconds. He squeals in delight every time he is up! C got his helmet this month to help with his head shape although we have had some issues with the fit so the precess seems to be moving slower than we would like. C loves to violently nod his head and say "yeah" and is SO close to officially saying mama or dada :)

Eating: breast milk, avocado, rice cereal, oatmeal, banana, sweet potato, carrots, applesauce, pears, peas, green beans, blueberries, squash, puffs, cheerios, pasta, quinoa, corn, chicken, little cremes, prunes, beef, pumpkin, black beans, hummus, toast, cherrios, chickpeas

Wake up- 6:30ish
Naps- 9 and 1:30
Bed- 7:00 

Firsts and Fun!
*first Halloween as a dragon 
* Baby Makenna was born
* got his helmet

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coffee Date

We spent Saturday morning as a family with a coffee date to Spotted Cow.

My boys enjoying each others company, giggling and being goofy :)

Mmmm Mum Mums!

It is so fun to do simple things like this as a family. Christian loves to be out and people watch and he of course always is finding someone to "flirt" with and giggle at :)