Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sesame Street Birthday Food and Games

The food for this party was SO fun to plan! Each item was based off of a specific Sesame Street Character which was really fun.

We also had a few games out that guests could play at their leisure. The first was based on the Count and guests could guess how many candies were in the jar. The winner won the jar of candy!

 The second game was Oscar's Trash Toss. We covered our cornhole board in wrapping paper and had newspaper to crumple up and toss into the hole!

Christian was very unsure about eating his cupcake. I don't think he wanted to ruin the Elmo on top! :)

He had a blast opening presents and then playing with his new toys with his friends. 

The kiddos were sent home with goodie bags with a little note that said: "Elmo loves his goldfish and crayons too! Thanks for coming to Christian's world!" Inside the bag was a pack of goldfish crackers, a note pad and crayons. 

Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Decor

For C's 2nd birthday we went with a Sesame Street theme. It was a blast! Here is the details of the decor:

The Food Table- The food labels were mini sesame street signs, magnet letters filled the glass vases and sesame street confetti sprinkled over it all

The Family Room- Thank you Party City for having awesome Sesame Street decor! Everything was accented by bunches of primary colored balloons.

This wall mural was a definite highlight! 

We used what we had and incorporated all of C's Sesame Street books and stuffed animals into the decor!

Brought to you by the letter C and the number 2!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Tree Felt Board

Recently I made Christian a new felt board by covering the cardboard backing on a picture frame with a piece of felt. I am looking forward to having different felt activities for him to use throughout the year. For Christmas, I made a felt Christmas tree set. 
The set included:
* one large tree
* a stump
* various colors and sizes of circles for ornaments
* a star

He had a blast putting the pieces on and off and Im excited to have to ready to pull out next year too!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day Family Christmas Tree 2013

The weekend after Thanksgiving we headed to Clearview Nursery to pick out the perfect Christmas Tree as a family. I love Christmas traditions and creating these memories together.

We found the one!

Christian was checking out the map and price sheet... leading us to the perfect tree :)

And the best part of this year's Christmas tree picking experience? When we were a mile down the road we watched our beautiful tree slide off our car onto the highway! Thankfully no one was behind us and  this kind young lad pulled over and put our tree in his truck and drive it too our house. There were definitely a few bent branches and bumps that gave our tree extra character this year!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for my dear friend to celebrate her second baby boy. Heather and I met in high school and have continued our friendship and our littles are even best buds! The theme of the shower was "Milk and Cookies"and was so fun to pull together. The colors were blue and brown.

The food was of course... milk and cookies! We had a wide assortment of cookies: chocolate chip, snicker doodle, thumbprints...It was a mix of homemade, store bought and brought by friends :) We also had fruit skewers so there would be something healthy! For drinks we had milk, latte punch and water served in milk containers.

Mason jars with blue chevron straws were perfect for the drinks!
The favors were milk mustaches made with dark chocolate and mustache molds.

No baby shower is complete without a few games! We played a memory game using words about pregnancy/birth that each correlated with a candy. For example- if you got "contractions" the prize was Whoppers.

This book fit perfect with the theme and served as a great guest book!

Cookie Crisp cereal was used to fill this vase and guests had to guess the correct amount. The person who guessed the closest won a candle.

And what mom doesn't need a little encouragement, especially after your new little one is born? I had some notecards out for guests to write something to make her laugh, encourage her, scripture, what every they wanted and Heather can open then when she needs them most.