Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hawaii Part 1

For the past year, Kerry and I am been talking about, dreaming of, and planning a trip to Hawaii... just the two of us! What a blessing to finally be able to go and make the dream a reality. We really hadn't travelled anywhere big like this since our honeymoon so it was a definite treat. I was excited to be adventurers, tourists and beach bums for a week! AND a big shout out to our parents for watching C and taking such good car of him :)

The day we got in to Maui, we headed to the Westin, checked in, and started to explore the resort. That night we went to the Hula Grill in Whalers Village overlooking our first Maui sunset. The next day was all about the beach. We soaked up the sun, Kerry snorkeled, and we read. I just enjoyed being able to lay in the sun in complete quiet without a care in the world! 

That night we went to the Luau at the hotel. We were seated at the honeymooners table which was quite comical. I think every other couple was older than us and they sure looked shocked when we said, "No this isn't our honeymoon. We have been married 6 years." (We were asked if we were on our honeymoon several times a day! We must look in love :) ) The Luau was great- yummy food, comedy, fire dancers. It was great for getting us into the Hawaii spirit.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Currently, Christian

Currently, Christian...

* is working on mastering his wink
* loves the color green
* wants to read "Are You My Mother?" every  morning
* thinks that anyone saying "Don't smile!" is hilarious
* is practicing his jumping
* sings his own version of the ABCs- same tune but he doesn't quite have the letters down!
* throws his hands behind his back, leans forward and exclaims that he is a dinosaur :)