Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Will It Bee?!?

For our 21 week appointment we had our BIG ultrasound scheduled... would baby Day be a "he"or a "she"? Kerry, my mom, Kyla, Grayson, Robin and Jen all joined me in getting to see the baby on the ultrasound. The tech was a bit disappointed when we told her that we wanted to find out the sex BUT not right then. We would have her find out and write it in a sealed note for us...(more on that to come!)
Even though we were not finding out the gender right then, it was still such a special moment. Wow, what a difference between the last time we saw it at 8 weeks! Being able to see the nose, cheeks, toes and legs was so amazing!It was such a reassurance that there truly was a little baby growing inside. We already tried to figure out who it looked like! :)

As we drove home, Kerry and I tried to convince eachother to open the sealed evelope but we knew the wait would be worth it. The next day, Kerry to the card to Pinkabella Cupcakes where they would discover the gender and fill a dozen cupcakes with either pink or blue frosting. That night we had the big reveal with all of our family!

The theme was "What Will It Bee?" so everything was decorated in black and yellow. Here was the look in pictures...

The "cravings table"

THE cupcakes

Our baby :)

Team Pink! (We guessed it was a girl. Notice my Dad on Facetime :) )

Team Blue! (They guessed it was a boy)

Finally we were ready to find out... Everyone got in a big circle and got a cupcake in hand. Kerry and I were going to take the first bites to find out and then everyone else will follow.... SO EXCITED!

Notice Kerry's mouth... it's a BOY!!!!

I was shocked! We are thrilled to bring our baby boy into this world. I am ready for soccer games, skinned knees and a facination with bugs! :)


  1. So exciting Katelyn!! I am so happy for both of you. What a blessing a little boy will be!

    ♥ Ashley

  2. Katelyn and Kerry seriously this is the cutest blog ever you are such an amazing family and will have so much love to share with this baby ! I'm so happy for you both:)

  3. Love your party pictures! I am so excited for you....