Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Small Moments, Big Milestones

As a soon to be first time mom, I am trying to take in all the small steps that this journey of pregnancy has in store for me. It began with understanding God's perfect timing and what a miracle it is to conceive! He had this baby planned before the beginning of time. He knows his name, his personality, his gifts, his future, his struggles and his successes.

God has given me many small glimpses in the past 6 months of this miracle that is growing inside me. Some are wonderfully amazing, other... not so much. It began with feeling sick and only wanted carbs. Then it was getting to announce to our family and friends. At six weeks, it was seeing the baby for the first time and hearing his little heartbeat, reassuring me that he was still there and healthy. I watch as my belly continues to grow, sometimes it seems by the minute! At 18 weeks it was feeling the first flutters of him moving, doubting that it was him at first! At 19 weeks Kerry felt him move for the first time and got to share that with me. At 20 weeks it was seeing how much he had grown and finding out he was a HE. :) Then there was the first real kick and the tiredness that never seems to go away... Each of these moments is such a blessing to me as it reminds me of the precious life that God has forming. I pray that I will not take these for granted or wish them away and that the next 3 months will be filled with new milestones: his name, creating his room, watching him move and of course welcoming him into the world with open arms and a full heart.

Thank you God for these small moments yet big milestones in bringing our son to us.

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  1. Love this so much Katelyn! Wish I could help you with the nursery....can't wait to see pictures! Come to California for a babymoon!!! I am also looking forward to hearing the name you pick and to visit you SOON after he is born....