Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sensory Bag

Since becoming a say at home mom and leaving the classroom for awhile, all my creative teacherness has been focused on finding and creating learning activities for C. I have spend hours researching, planning, dreaming, shopping and organizing. Today I finished my first project for little man. I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to try it.

Here is the finished product!

Step 1: You will need a gallon size Ziploc bag, hair gel, small items (I used silly bands, erasers and wooden letters. Don't use anything too pointy or sharp so it doesn't puncture the bag!)

* If you can't find colored hair gel, just add a few drops of food coloring!
* To take off the Ziploc logo on the bag, wipe it with nail polish remover- it comes right off... genius!

 Step 2: Add the hair gel and items to the bag. I didn't include all the pieces because it would be too crowded. I added 7 letters, 4 erasers and 4-5 silly bands.

Step 3: Cover the edges with tape. I used painters tape but you could also use duct tape. This will help keep the edges sealed and all the gooey gel inside :) 

I plan to start using this with C this month. I think it will be great for tummy time to keep him interested and entertained. I also want to make another smaller one in a sandwich bag to keep in the car. I will probably double bag it since they are thinner. 

Off to go play!

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  1. Watch out! It may be fun learning crafts now, but soon you'll be homeschooling!! :)