Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tanning Bed?

December 23-24

When we arrived at the NICU this morning, this was the sight that we saw....

Christian's billirubin numbers had increased so his jaundice needed to be treated. He was placed under these lights and even got to sport an eyemask. We joked that he looked like he was working on his tan in a tanning bed! We were told that this treatment might be necessary so we were prepared to see the lights. However, we were not prepared to hear that while receiving the treatment, we would only be able to take Christian out of the incubator for a max of one hour a day. How could we go from holding and snuggling our little guy all day to be limited to one hour?! We were devestated. It is so unnatural to not be able to hold your baby.

The doctors told us that typically babies are treated for 2-4 days before their numbers improved enough to be taken off of the lights. We began to pray for his numbers to decrease and, boy, our God is faithful! We came in the next morning, Christmas Eve, and he was not under the lights! The nurse said that strangely Christian's numbers dropped drastically which is unheard of. But WE know that our God is able to do more than we can imagine and miracles DO still happen! Not only did we get to celebrate the healing of his jaundice, but Christian also was taken off oxygen. To God be the glory!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Came Early!

What a week it has been for the Day family. We have been asked by many of our friends and family members about the details of Christian’s early arrival and I have taken the time to compile an extensive description of what occurred and what we anticipate moving forward.

Thursday, Dec 15

We went in for our routine 35 week check up, expecting the usual 5-10 minute appointment. Little did we realize that our life was about to get turned upside down! I had been suffering with swelling for the past few weeks but to that point the doctor was unconcerned and my body had shown no other signs of distress. However, when they took my blood pressure they found that it was high and also discovered that I had protein in my urine. I was diagnosed with toxemia and preeclampsia, for which the only cure is delivery. They drew my blood and performed a stress test on the baby to determine whether we had to deliver that day or not.

I was immediately sent home on bed rest and was told that, based on the test results, I would receive a call in a couple hours telling me either to come back to have the baby that day OR to stay on bed rest and be reevaluated the next morning. I can’t tell you how thrilled we were to get the call that the test results were clear and that we had at least one more night to prepare before we would become parents. Kerry spent the day running errands, cleaning the house and packing our bags while I tried helplessly not to stress out.

Friday, Dec 16

We arrived back at the hospital for a 9:20AM appointment Friday morning and waited anxiously for the doctor who was running an hour late while delivering another baby. Unfortunately when he arrived he informed us that my blood pressure was even higher than before and that I had even more protein in my urine. A quick ultrasound also revealed that Christian was breech and would need to be delivered via C-section. I was immediately wheeled down to labor & delivery to wait for an open operating room. By 1:50PM we were walking back to meet our son, still in shock at the events that were unfolding.

The surgery went smoothly and at 2:07PM Christian James Day entered the world weighing 5lbs 7oz and measuring 20.5” long. He gave us a little scare when it took him a while to start breathing but we were finally met with the sweet sound of his cry. He spent his first couple minutes held by Kerry next to my head before father and son were taken upstairs to the Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) while I remained in surgery. It became quickly apparent from his moaning and labored breathing that Christian was experiencing respiratory distress. As such he was required to stay upstairs in the NICU while I was downstairs recovering.

Saturday Dec 17

Around 3AM, Christian’s oxygen saturation deteriorated to the point that he needed nasal cannula for breathing support. Throughout the day his stats continued to diminish, resulting in the nasal cannula being replaced with a CPAP machine, a pressurized oxygen device meant to help keep his lungs from collapsing. While this was helpful it was still insufficient to support Christian’s immature lungs. The doctor finally decided to intubate him and insert surfactin into his lungs (surfactin is a substance that mature lungs naturally produce that helps the lungs expand and contract with less effort). This finally made his breathing less laborsome and his vitals began to stabilize. After what seemed like an eternity since I had last seen my baby, I was wheeled to the NICU where I was able to observe but not hold him.

Sunday Dec 18

After a tumultuous first few days, Christian turned the corner on Sunday and started to show signs of improvement. He was still too unstable to be held for long but we were relieved to see him begin to recover.

That afternoon someone from my class dropped off Christmas presents that the students would have given me had I not given birth the day before Christmas break. It was a joy to be distracted momentarily with amazing little gifts and cards from my students.

Monday, Tues, Weds / Dec 19-21

The last few days have brought great relief as we have seen the prayers of so many begin to be answered. Christian has been taken off of the CPAP machine and moved back to the less burdensome nasal cannula and today he was taken out of the incubator and moved to a crib. He has been tolerating his feedings although he is still taking breast milk through a feeding tube while he tries to muster up the strength and energy to feed on his own. We are praying that he will have the nasal cannula removed in the next day or two, at which point the biggest challenge will be to get him eating on his own.

We anticipate we will be discharged sometime between Christmas and New Years and, while spending your first holidays with a newborn baby in the hospital is not ideal, we could not ask for a better Christmas present. We serve a faithful and merciful God who does not abandon his children and we pray that these hardships in the midst of joy would be instrumental in bringing glory and honor to the name of Jesus.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:13-14

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Kerry and I have been brainstorming the last few months about taking a trip, just the two of us, before things get busy with a new baby. We needed a babymoon! After talking through all our options we decided to go to the Inn at Langley on Whidbey Island. It was a wonderful weekend!

We got in Friday night with one main expectation for the weekend... relaxation! My wonderful and fabulous husband had surprised me that morning with a new smoothie cup, a sweet card and a massage appointment! As my masseuse said: "A relaxed mom means a relaxed baby"! It was so nice to be pampered and to have some back tension melt away! We spent the days walking through the shops in town, watching movies and football, dreaming of and planning our future and taking naps. Perfection!

Great view to wake up to!

One highlight from the weekend for me was definitely the food. Having a gluten allergy really makes me appreciate when there is GOOD food and options for me to eat. The inn had a scrumptious breakfast each morning with a wide variety of fruits, eggs, AND gluten free granola and pastries. It was heavenly and a perfect way to start off our mornings. On Saturday we went out to a nice dinner at Prima, which I had heard was known for their gluten free foods. For the first time in 8 years I enjoyed eating calamari! Yum! I also had delicious prawns sautéed in honey, almonds and truffle oil. We topped off the evening with vanilla bean crème brulee!



A baby bump picture for those who have been asking J All dressed up for dinner!

We look forward to coming back next time for the chef’s dinner and many more vacations to come.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

A few weeks ago we headed out to the pumpkin patch with our family. The Day, Lewis, and Johnson families all met up together at Swan Trail Farms in Snohomish. If you have not been to this farm, it is a must! I was introduced to it a few years ago when my 4th graders went on a field trip to their Washington State shaped corn maze! They also have duck races, a pig show, yummy food and of course a pumpkin patch.

The whole family!

Here we are with our little pumpkin! This pumpkin is about 2 lbs. which was the current weight of baby Day! (Yes I know that you can't see the baby bump here... I promise to put up a few side view pictures soon!)

I cannot wait to come back next year as the Day family of three!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Small Moments, Big Milestones

As a soon to be first time mom, I am trying to take in all the small steps that this journey of pregnancy has in store for me. It began with understanding God's perfect timing and what a miracle it is to conceive! He had this baby planned before the beginning of time. He knows his name, his personality, his gifts, his future, his struggles and his successes.

God has given me many small glimpses in the past 6 months of this miracle that is growing inside me. Some are wonderfully amazing, other... not so much. It began with feeling sick and only wanted carbs. Then it was getting to announce to our family and friends. At six weeks, it was seeing the baby for the first time and hearing his little heartbeat, reassuring me that he was still there and healthy. I watch as my belly continues to grow, sometimes it seems by the minute! At 18 weeks it was feeling the first flutters of him moving, doubting that it was him at first! At 19 weeks Kerry felt him move for the first time and got to share that with me. At 20 weeks it was seeing how much he had grown and finding out he was a HE. :) Then there was the first real kick and the tiredness that never seems to go away... Each of these moments is such a blessing to me as it reminds me of the precious life that God has forming. I pray that I will not take these for granted or wish them away and that the next 3 months will be filled with new milestones: his name, creating his room, watching him move and of course welcoming him into the world with open arms and a full heart.

Thank you God for these small moments yet big milestones in bringing our son to us.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Will It Bee?!?

For our 21 week appointment we had our BIG ultrasound scheduled... would baby Day be a "he"or a "she"? Kerry, my mom, Kyla, Grayson, Robin and Jen all joined me in getting to see the baby on the ultrasound. The tech was a bit disappointed when we told her that we wanted to find out the sex BUT not right then. We would have her find out and write it in a sealed note for us...(more on that to come!)
Even though we were not finding out the gender right then, it was still such a special moment. Wow, what a difference between the last time we saw it at 8 weeks! Being able to see the nose, cheeks, toes and legs was so amazing!It was such a reassurance that there truly was a little baby growing inside. We already tried to figure out who it looked like! :)

As we drove home, Kerry and I tried to convince eachother to open the sealed evelope but we knew the wait would be worth it. The next day, Kerry to the card to Pinkabella Cupcakes where they would discover the gender and fill a dozen cupcakes with either pink or blue frosting. That night we had the big reveal with all of our family!

The theme was "What Will It Bee?" so everything was decorated in black and yellow. Here was the look in pictures...

The "cravings table"

THE cupcakes

Our baby :)

Team Pink! (We guessed it was a girl. Notice my Dad on Facetime :) )

Team Blue! (They guessed it was a boy)

Finally we were ready to find out... Everyone got in a big circle and got a cupcake in hand. Kerry and I were going to take the first bites to find out and then everyone else will follow.... SO EXCITED!

Notice Kerry's mouth... it's a BOY!!!!

I was shocked! We are thrilled to bring our baby boy into this world. I am ready for soccer games, skinned knees and a facination with bugs! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Camp Out

We have been truly blessed to find a church home at Journey Church these past few years. One of the things we find so refreshing is the passion the church has for authentic community. We host a weekly community group where we eat and discuss God and share what is going on in our lives. We have found deep and lasting friendships with other Christians who strive to live for the Lord and encourage us in our own walks.

The group!

This past weekend, we had a family camping trip at Silver Lake Park. It was a blast! There were about 50 people, adults and kids, who made the trek over for some fun, sun, kickball, s'mores, poker, farkle, laughter, water fights and more.

Our infamous farkle game!

Talk about true community! We hope this because an annual tradition for our church and will most definitely be tagging along next time as well!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spreading the News!

As soon as we found out we were expecting, we wanted to share it with the world! But we waiting a bit to be creative in how we told our families and the wait paid off!

We started by sharing the news with my parents. I purposely had to avoid seeing or talking to my mom for a few days before because I thought the words were just going to spill out of me! One night Kerry and I called and told them that Kerry had been cleaning out the garage and asked if we could drop a few things off that we had of theirs. (If you know Kerry, you know that he is a cleaner so this wouldn't have been out of the ordinary!) But my parents are wise and they had thier suspicions that we were coming over for other reasons as well! When we got there, we DID give them back a few things of theirs, including a pan that was now filled with brownies and a note on top: "Ready 4 Grandbaby #2?"!

Later that weekend, we had a family dinner with Kyla, Adam, Grayson and the Lewis family who was in town. Before dessert was served, my mom and I grabbed Grayson and dressed him up in a cute new shirt I had made for him with iron on letters that said: I "heart" my cousin! He Then we sent him running in the dining room to go see his Mama. The look on my sister's face was priceless as she realized what the shirt said and what it meant! So fun to celebrate with family!

After telling my family, we told Kerry's. We waiting until his sister Jen's birthday and her present was a framed picture of our first ultrasound. Before she had even opened the present we signed the card Love, Kerry, Katelyn and Baby. It took a second to register, but again so fun to share the exciting news with family.

We know that each member of our family is going to play an important role in Baby Day's life. We already appreciate their excitement, prayers and support as we anticipate his/her arrival.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

...and then there were three!

We are more than thrilled to announce the arrival of Baby Day this January! Kerry and I both feel completely blessed to be becoming parents and to see our family grow. God is so good! We found out that we were expecting on Mother's Day (good gift huh?!) and seven or eight pregnancy tests later, we finally began to believe that this was really happening. I spent the morning feeling that my heart was going to overflow and couldn't help but sing sweet praises to our King.

A few weeks after we found out, we went into Evergreen Women's Care to see our little peanut. As the picture came onto the screen, and the tech pointed out to us what we were looking at, Kerry and I were both beaming. Is that little dot really our baby? And then came the beautiful sound of the heartbeat. What a miracle that this little guy's heart only started beating a few days before! I started to laugh, which of course made it so that we couldn't hear it anymore!

six weeks

We also got to see the baby a few weeks later. It was amazing how much it had already changed in such a short amount of time! Baby Day was growing fast! We were relieved, joyful and blessed to see the baby once more perfectly safe and healthy.

eight weeks

Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat has helped us really feel that this is for real! We are excited to begin this journey into parenthood...