Thursday, August 11, 2011

...and then there were three!

We are more than thrilled to announce the arrival of Baby Day this January! Kerry and I both feel completely blessed to be becoming parents and to see our family grow. God is so good! We found out that we were expecting on Mother's Day (good gift huh?!) and seven or eight pregnancy tests later, we finally began to believe that this was really happening. I spent the morning feeling that my heart was going to overflow and couldn't help but sing sweet praises to our King.

A few weeks after we found out, we went into Evergreen Women's Care to see our little peanut. As the picture came onto the screen, and the tech pointed out to us what we were looking at, Kerry and I were both beaming. Is that little dot really our baby? And then came the beautiful sound of the heartbeat. What a miracle that this little guy's heart only started beating a few days before! I started to laugh, which of course made it so that we couldn't hear it anymore!

six weeks

We also got to see the baby a few weeks later. It was amazing how much it had already changed in such a short amount of time! Baby Day was growing fast! We were relieved, joyful and blessed to see the baby once more perfectly safe and healthy.

eight weeks

Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat has helped us really feel that this is for real! We are excited to begin this journey into parenthood...

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