Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spreading the News!

As soon as we found out we were expecting, we wanted to share it with the world! But we waiting a bit to be creative in how we told our families and the wait paid off!

We started by sharing the news with my parents. I purposely had to avoid seeing or talking to my mom for a few days before because I thought the words were just going to spill out of me! One night Kerry and I called and told them that Kerry had been cleaning out the garage and asked if we could drop a few things off that we had of theirs. (If you know Kerry, you know that he is a cleaner so this wouldn't have been out of the ordinary!) But my parents are wise and they had thier suspicions that we were coming over for other reasons as well! When we got there, we DID give them back a few things of theirs, including a pan that was now filled with brownies and a note on top: "Ready 4 Grandbaby #2?"!

Later that weekend, we had a family dinner with Kyla, Adam, Grayson and the Lewis family who was in town. Before dessert was served, my mom and I grabbed Grayson and dressed him up in a cute new shirt I had made for him with iron on letters that said: I "heart" my cousin! He Then we sent him running in the dining room to go see his Mama. The look on my sister's face was priceless as she realized what the shirt said and what it meant! So fun to celebrate with family!

After telling my family, we told Kerry's. We waiting until his sister Jen's birthday and her present was a framed picture of our first ultrasound. Before she had even opened the present we signed the card Love, Kerry, Katelyn and Baby. It took a second to register, but again so fun to share the exciting news with family.

We know that each member of our family is going to play an important role in Baby Day's life. We already appreciate their excitement, prayers and support as we anticipate his/her arrival.

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  1. I really can't wait to meet this baby....I mean I really can't!!! I also can't wait for baby's first trip to California.....hint hint :)