Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Months Old

Christian is 3 months old!

This has been the month of doctor visits. Thankfully, we have a WONDERFUL pediatrician who has come alongside us to give Christian the best care. With pesky diaper rashes, torticollis, "flat head", body rash, acid reflux... (whew!) these first time parents have been kept on their toes! :)

Three Month Stats:
Weight: 11 pounds 5 ounces

Clothes: I have finally had to put a few newborn size clothes away! Mostly due to length. But it has been so fun to now pull out his three month clothes and enjoy a whole new batch of outfits! We were, and continue to be, so blessed with an abundance of gifts which has resulted in a ton of adorable outfits. So currently Christian is in a combo of newborn, 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. He also moved up to size 1 diapers this month!

Play time: Social smiles have brought a whole new meaning to playtime! It is so fun to see Christian smile and coo as we sing, read books, play with Scout and look at his toys. He still hates tummy time! Christian has also been having play dates with his friends Shane and Gabe and of course Grayson!

Sleep: Since C was diagnosed with acid reflux last month, we have still struggled to get consistent sleep patterns going. Laying down was just too painful for him, poor guy! Well this month he was prescribed a wedge to sleep on. Kerry lovingly calls this the "cheese" or "cheese block". It has definitely helped him sleep at night by keeping him at a 45 degree angle. He now goes to bed at 9, wakes up at 2 and 6 to eat and is up for the day around 8:30.

Development: As mentioned above, our pediatrician and I noticed that Christian tends to tilt his head to the right and has a slight flat spot on his left due to his position in the womb. This tilt is called torticollis and we recently started seeing a physical therapist who is helping by showing us exercises to do with C to build his flexibility on his left side. Christian is starting to hold his head up more, mostly for short periods of time before it wears him out! He also has started "talking" like crazy which has been a lot of fun to pretend to have conversations with him. :) Overall he is developing right on track for his adjusted age.

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  1. Love the wedge :) Can't wait to see him in a couple more months....I like the yellow lounging pic too :)