Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Final Week

December 26-January 1

We were so blessed to be moved into our own private room in the NICU on the 26th. This meant that we no longer had to make the trek back and forth between home and the hospital which was both physically exhausting and emotionally draining on us both.

We settled into our new digs and began the task of checking off items on our going home list! We loved seeing the stickers get added each day and counting down how many more we had to get. Kerry and I watched a CPR video, had a car seat check, learned how to give his vitamins and add the calories to his bottles, give C a bath and attended the weekly rounds meeting. Christian learned how to latch on his own, eat without a feeding tube, gain weight, continued to breath without oxygen support, and got a hepatitis B shot.

We were so grateful for the nurses' patience in teaching us and the support and encouragement they offered. We also loved the yummy meals that poured in from friends and family and the help with Bauer at home!

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