Monday, May 13, 2013

Lions, Tigers and Bears...OH MY!

We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday by having a family date at one of my all time favorite breakfast spots, The Portage Bay Cafe. Seriously, any place that has a fresh toppings bar for delicious gluten free french toast has my stamp of approval! We indulged in fresh fruit and whipped cream and sipped on coffee. It was wonderful. When we were completely stuffed, we headed out to our next event, the zoo!

This was C's first visit to the zoo and we invited Mamaw and Grandad and Auntie Jen along for the adventure. Christian is really interested in elephants and gorillas these days ( he makes the best animal noises for them!) so we were really excited to see his reaction. He was pretty timid at first but by the end he was figuring things out and was becoming more and more curious.

cheesy smile with mamaw

ball!ball! C was probably more excited about this than anything else the whole day!

checking out the elephants with daddy

loves his auntie jen!


i love this picture. i am so glad we got to share this day with them!

conked out on the way home!

I can not wait to take him again to the zoo!

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