Friday, July 5, 2013

Red, White and Blue!

Our 4th of July morning started off with the annual parade in Everett. Every year we are spoiled with the convenience of getting watch the parade from the front of our church and the fun to watch it with friends! This year we were joined by my mom, Kerry's mom, Tom and Jen. While we also took C last year, it was so fun to see him actually take notice of what was happening around him. He loved the cars, bands and balloons!  
Watching with Daddy in his festive jacket 

Getting a taste of his first lollipop! He had a hard time understanding that you lick it and don't just bite it!

The gang!

My sweet boy and I :)

After the parade, and a nap, we had everyone (and the Purcells!) over to our place for a BBQ and fireworks show curtesy of our crazy neighbors. They kept it low key this year, only spending 4 grand on fireworks this year... oh my! I thoroughly enjoying watching them from a safe distance in the comfort of my front yard with homemade strawberry shortcake and a glass of wine in hand :)

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