Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Perfect Baby Shaker

I love to be able to reuse items for new purposes and today's project is just about doing that! Today I made a sensory shaker for baby C using a few items I had laying around the house.

What you'll need:
* an old spice container
*hot glue gun
*duct tape (optional)
*small items for inside (I used bells)

1. Remove the label from the spice container and wash it thoroughly.
2. Wrap duct tape around the bottom half of the container.
3. Fill the bottle with small items.
4. Hot glue to lid to the bottle. (Important safety step to keep the small items inside!)

Senses Used:
* Hearing the bells jingle
*Feeling the smooth duct tape
* Seeing the shiny bells and watching them "disappear" behind the duct tape
*Tasting the container... you know EVERYTHING goes straight into the mouth!

Hmm... what's this?

Hey Mom, this is fun!

Oh look! Bells!

yum yum

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