Friday, August 3, 2012

Napa Part 4

On our third day, we went out to explore, what else, more wineries! We went to Black Stallion and then went to Darioush which was a Persian inspired winery. The grounds were pretty impressive. 

Seriously. Could he get cuter?!

He was a bit hot and tired :)
Christian learned a new "skill" that week... giving kisses! It is so sweet to see him grab your face, open his mouth wide open and give you one big slobbery kiss!

We also visited Hess, BV, and Sawyer wineries. 

Our last private tasting was a Swanson and there are no pictures of that tasting. Why you ask? Well here is the story... When we arrived, they told us that no one under 21 was allowed there, but they would make an exception. Sounds like the perfect place to have a 7 month old right? We sat down in this unique, quirky, elegant sitting room to enjoy our food pairing and wine. About one wine in, C started getting fussy so I got him out of his stroller to hold him on my lap. That's when I realized WHY he was crying... he had had a major blow out and now it was all over me. I was mortified and looked at Kerry and whispered "I am covered in poop." We excused ourselves, ran to the bathroom and tried to clean up. But needless to say, I enjoyed the remainder of that tasting with poop on my shirt. Note to Self: Keep an extra shirt of your own in the diaper bag! Parenting is not always glamorous people!

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