Wednesday, January 16, 2013

C's Helmet

When Christian was first born, we noticed that he had a flat spot on one side of his head and that his forehead had one side that protruded more than the other. This was due to his placement in the uterus. Our pediatrician monitored this for a few months and at his 6 month appointment, she recommended that we see the cranial facial specialists at Childrens. The doctor at children's did some measurements and told us to come back in a few months and we would determine if C was improving on his own or if treatment was needed. A few months later and we came to the conclusion that helmet therapy would be a good solution or Christian. 

By October were were at Hanger Clinic getting scans and measurements done and but he first week of November C had his helmet. Unfortunately this helmet sis not fir him properly and caused him a bad bump on the head. So a few weeks later he was fitted for a second helmet. 

 He wears the helmet for 23 1/2 hours a day. Other than getting sweaty and stinky, he really doesn't seem to mind wearing it which is a huge blessing.
He has been in this helmet for a month and a half and since we caught him right before a growth spurt, it looks like he will only have to wear it a few more weeks! And then... a haircut!

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