Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hawaii Part 3

We began the next morning with an amazing breakfast at a little spot called The Gazebo. Its one of those places that you would never know about or go to if you had not been told about it. We got there 30 minutes before they opened and were greeted with a line waiting!  It was so worth the wait: fresh pineapple. coffee, omelets, yum! ( we ended up coming twice!)

view from The Gazebo
After getting our full from breakfast, we had quite the adventure. Kerry and I both said hand down this was our favorite day. We booked a tour with Hike Maui and got to hike to three different waterfalls and swim in thier pool... amazing! We really lucked out to get an amazing guide as well. Jake was a naive Hawaiian who taught us so much about the history, showed us how to build shelters, what plants we could eat, etc. Seriously, if we were on Survivor, I would want him on my team!

first waterfall

Kerry jumped in!

second waterfall

natural shampoo! We could squeeze the plant and gel-like liquid was shampoo. Apparently John Freida bought a whole field of these plants and one flower was $40 worth of shampoo! 

third waterfall

Jake our guide- a cross between Jack Sparrow and Ozzie from Survivor
We ate lots of fresh guava, straight from the tree!
After the hike we stopped by a fruit stand on the side of the road for a coconut.

The next day we relaxed at the hotel with couple massages and time on the beach. Seriously, what could be better?! That night we went to Mama's Fish House for dinner. It has a great atmosphere, fun eclectic decor and amazing food. 

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  1. We really wanted to go to Mama's fish house when we were there... but didn't want to take Isaiah :) Next time! Your trip looked amazing!!!