Monday, December 1, 2014

NICU Journey Update 2

Sunday 11/30
Calvin is under the bilirubin lights and is being fed through his feeding tube. He is no longer on any air. This morning they changed his feeding tube to one that is smaller because his nasal passageways are so small. Since he was also in such a tight squeeze inside of me that is causing some issues with his nose and his breathing. This should sort out as he grows.
I got to try and nurse Calvin again- but again he only tried a bit- but it is a start!

Kerry brought Christian over in his big brother t shirt this morning. Christian immediately brought a stool over to see Calvin- “Hey Calvin, how are you doing? You are so pretty” We watched Rudolph and Christian wanted to snuggle up with Mama on the couch. We had pizza and Kerry took him to Nana and Papas for nap time.

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