Saturday, November 29, 2014

NICU Journey Update

**my notes from the NICU

Friday 11/28
Calvin got put on a nasal cannula through the night and is receiving free flowing air to make him more comfortable and keep his lungs open. We got moved to a private room 4-141
I was discharged.
Lindsay and AJ Stedford brought us dinner and visited for a bit!

Saturday 11/29
 Calvin is being fed through his feeding tube and is receiving free flowing air through his nasal canula- He is in an isolate
Kerry came in the morning with eggs and sausage for breakfast
Nana, Papa and Auntie Kyla brought Christian over around 10:30 to visit- C opened his present from Kyla which was a big brother shirt and a Sarge car. He asked over and over what Calvin was doing, what he was dreaming  about and kept wanting to peek inside the isolate.
Calvin was taken off the nasal canula- they think his congestion is from small nasal passages and being smushed inside my uterus- he sneezes a bit
I got to do kangaroo care with Calvin during his 12:00 feeding and then he was put under the bilirubin lights
Kerry brought Christian over after naptime to have pizza for dinner and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks

During his 9:30 feeding I got to hold Calvin again and try to nurse- he took one suck and fell asleep J  Calvin weighed 4 lbs tonight

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