Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Calvin's Birth Story- First Few Hours

My first thought when I saw Calvin was that he looked so incredibly small! And I was so thankful to hear him cry. After delivery, Calvin was taken immediately to the NICU and Kerry went with him. Unfortunately, we knew this drill! But I am so glad we did because we already had it set in place that my mom would stay with me in the OR while Kerry said with Calvin. He had low blood sugars at 16 so was started on IV. Throughout the day they continued to improve from 16 to 39 to well into the 40s which was a great sign. I am so thankful for the two doses of steroid shots that I got which helped develop his lungs. Kerry would call and text to keep me updated as I recovered in my room. My dad came around 9:45 so we had the "Original Four" as we like to call ourselves all together- My mom, dad, sister and I. I had the best support team. :) My blood pressure was maintaining fairly well so I didn't have to go on magnesium. I was so glad about this because it made me so sick with Christian. I was able to try pumping around 11:30 before getting wheeled up to see Calvin for the first time since the delivery room.

I am so thankful for how I see God's hand in his protection of Calvin. I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and now am so thankful I was so that they were able to monitor and see that he was having heart decelerations. We were exactly where we needed to be to have my son's life be protected. And while a premature baby was not in our hopes or plans for this pregnancy, we have done this before and survived and we know the ropes of the NICU. There are familiar faces in the nurses and we know these halls. We have peace in knowing that God is good and in control and with us each step of the way as he has been this entire pregnancy. 

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