Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Calvin's Birth Story- A Surprising Turn

I already have posted about the events leading up to me being in the hospital here.

So there I sat all alone in my hospital room while they continued to check my blood pressure every 15 minutes and monitor Calvin's heart rate. I was blessed by the most amazing nurse named Tiffany who was just what I needed. She was the perfect balance of being super attentive, sassy, funny and really took the time to know us. (We lucked out and got her for three days in a row!) My mom soon came and met me there and I was so thankful to have her with me, especially while Kerry was getting Christian all settled. Kerry then came and we hung out while I was continually being monitored. That evening, after being on rest all day, my blood pressure actually lowered! My doctor came in and he said that they would keep me overnight but it was looking like I might be going home on bed rest to try and see if I could make it one more week. Since it looked like I would be discharged, Kerry decided to go home with Christian for the night and would come back in the morning. I got my second steroid shot that evening to help mature Calvin's lungs.

Throughout the night, things took a scary turn. Calvin's heart rate kept decelerating and coming back up. Around 2:30am, in a foggy light sleep, I was fully awakened to 5 nurses rushing into my room, ordering me to move side to side, then to all fours and was given an oxygen mask. Calvin's heart rate was not coming back up. I was all alone, without Kerry, as the stretcher was brought in. Just as they were about to take me back to the OR, Calvin's heart rate came back up. I immediately was not he phone with Kerry, telling him to get to the hospital right away! My Dad came and watched Christian and my mom and kerry booked it to the hospital. The rest of the night, there were a few more episodes but none so serious as the 2:30 event. My doctor came in at 8:30 and said he best course of action was to go ahead with the C section later that morning. I was exactly 34 weeks.

At 8:40, Kerry went down to grab a cup of coffee and my mom and sister stepped out while they prepped me for the C section. As soon as my bed was reclined, Calvin's heart rate could not be found. Again I found my self along, on all fours, breathing into an oxygen mask. My nurse, Tiffany, grabbed my phone and told me to get Kerry. We were going back. Frantically I dialed and got out the words, "Get up here now!!!!" (Later I would find out he got the call as he was paying for his coffee and basically dropped his cup and ran to our room.) I was told to immediately get on the stretcher. My mom and sister were in the hall and saw a light flashing above a room and several nurses running. She turned to my sister and said, "Oh! Someone is having their baby!" but soon realized it was ME when Kerry went running in. I was wheeled back, running down the halls to the OR. All I can remember thinking is  that I had just been reading in Isaiah that morning that even when I pass through the waters or walk through the fire, God is with me. He was in control. I experienced a peace that I know could only come from Him.

Dr. Morell thankfully was still close by and made it to the room. He was more tense then I have ever seen him and everything was a mad dash to save my sweet little baby.  RIght as we got to the OR, they found Calvin's heart rate so I did not have to be put under. The anesthesiologist had a very hard time with my spinal and took 4 times to get it in. I was so thankful to have my mom and Kerry right with me. The room was full of multiple doctors, nurses and a full NICU team. At 9:05am Calvin Michael Day was born weighing albs 3 oz and was 16 1/2" long. He cried right away, a high pitched squeal that made us all laugh. His Apgar score was 8/9 and his O2 was in the mid 90's.

My sweet baby boy was here!

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