Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Answered Prayers

Pregnancy in itself is a miracle, but I can't help but believe that I have the privilege of carrying an extra special miracle this time around. After a surprise pregnancy and miscarriage, lots of blood draws, tests, an MRI and 11 months of fertility treatment... we no longer take pregnancy for granted. We know that this child is a gift from God, a true blessing.

This pregnancy has tested us from the start. I did not have the whole, positive test, squeal in delight and run and tell my family right away experience this time around. No, it went something more like this... After a call to my doctor that I thought my test was positive, they had me come in for a blood draw and called with the results the next day. "Well Katelyn, technically you are pregnant but your numbers are so low you will most likely miscarry." It was devastating and I honestly didn't know if I could go through all that again. So I immediately called Kerry and then my mom and sister in tears asking for prayer, asking them to pray for a miracle. A few other friends were told as well as some other prayer warriors and we waited two days before I had another blood draw. The numbers needed to double. Well they didn't double, they TRIPLED! Later I came to fine out that several people had been praying for that exact same thing- that they numbers would triple. Praise be to God! The nurses and my doctor were stumped but we knew then that this was an answered prayer. My numbers continued to rise, showing signs of a healthy viable pregnancy. And although this pregnancy has not come without other bumps in the road, God has continued to be faithful and has filled me with a peace that I have not experienced before.

I want to remember this moment of answered prayer. I want it to strengthen my faith and remind me that God is present in our lives and working. And I never want to doubt that miracles still do happen today.

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  1. What a sweet nlessing to read. God continues to protect your boys time after time. I believe that they are on earth for such a time as this. Purposefully placed with strong and faithful parents to impact the world in His name!