Friday, June 1, 2012

5 months!

Monthly Stats:
Weight: 14.5 lbs (at 5 1/2 months)

Clothing: 3 month and some 3-6 month pjs and pants; size 1 diapers but after this pack is gone he will be in 2s!

Playtime: I feel like Christian has truly turned into a social butterfly this month. He is constantly smiling, giggling, cooing, and babbling. My favorite little quirk of his right now if that he will smile at someone and then turn away like he is bashful. SO sweet! His favorite toy is his blue elephant and he still loves the activity mat where he can kick and grab and his bouncer.

Development: Christian is now rolling over although he doesn't like to very much. He can reach for and hold onto toys. He can now lift his head at a 90 degree angle. We are still battling the reflux with an even higher dose of Prevacid and giving it to him twice a day. (So funny to watch his face while he takes this. He has learned to purse his lips so I cent get it in his mouth and he swats the dropper away!)
Firsts and Fun:
* rolling from back to tummy
* out loud giggles
* singing along with his mama
* Mamaw babysat for the first time
* sleeping from 7pm to 7:30 am! Woohoo! (ok this doesn't happen EVERY night but a few times already!)
* No swaddle for naps- just a sleep sack
* Dedication
*Mother's Day
* park trips with Auntie Kyla and Grayson

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