Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 months

Happy 1/2 Birthday Christian!

Monthly Stats:
Weight: 15 pounds 5 oz. (11%)
Length: 26 3/8 in (45%)
Head Circumference: 17 1/8 in (65%)

Clothing: 3 month-3/6 month clothes; size 2 diapers

Playtime: Christian love to laugh, be tickled, and sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider". We read books daily, he loves his bouncer and continues his fascination with blue elephants. :)

Development: C is babbling, giggling, and sticking out his tongue. His new "trick" this month was blowing raspberries and making bubbles with his spit...lovely.  He still hates to roll over and doesn't like tummy time. He is trying to pull himself up to sit. At his appointment the doctor said his gums were swollen which means teeth are in our near future! Christian has developed a milk and soy allergy so that means no more milk or soy for Mama!

Firsts and Fun:
* blowing spit bubbles
*first after hours call to the doc- C had a "hair tourniquet" around his finger which caused a bad cut
* more playtime in crib
*bathtime using the Bumbo
* no more milk or soy!
*helped Mommy pack up her classroom
*Memorial Day at the Cabin
*first Father's Day
* found out his cousin is a GIRL!
love those eyes
hey! i discovered my tongue!
daddy and son

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