Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Night Baby!

We have been on quite the sleep journey over the last 7 months of Christian's life and thankfully we have come a long way but the journey is far from over! However there have been a few key items that have become my favorites in helping C sleep soundly and comfortably.

1. SwaddleMe- I can not swaddle. Well ok I can swaddle but it never held. Christian would just kick off the blanket and immediately be crying. We have been blessed by a baby boy who still at 7 months loves the comfort of being swaddled and if he is not, his hands have a mind of their own and go straight to his face to pull out his paci or startle him awake. (Mind you he is only 5 1/2 months old adjusted so we have to take that into consideration.) The SwaddleMe is the greatest invention EVER! Go buy one, or 6,because if you are swaddle challenged like me, it will save you!

2. Sound Machine- White noise blocks out car noise, talking, creaking doors...etc. It is such a soothing sound for babies and is a must for every nap and bedtime for C.

3. Tucker Sling- Christian has pretty bad reflux which causes it to be extremely painful for him to sleep flat in his crib. The wedge/sling combo have been lifesavers at keeping him safely elevated and comfortable to sleep. It is a great contraption for others with babes suffering with reflux.

 4. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child- This book is fabulous! When Christian was around two months old, a friend gave us this book after we came to church exhausted and feeling very unsure about  C's sleep patterns, especially for naps. I love the author's approach to learning to read your babies cues and clear outline for what is happening to their sleep schedule/cycle each week and month. I like that I can look ahead and see what to expect and also look at the current month and see what is normal and how to help alleviate any problems. The concept to monitor my baby more than the clock really resonated with me. Totally recommend this one!


  1. I have swaddles, sound machine, but not the know I will be calling you...haha

  2. We like all these too! Sleep is a great thing I never thought much about until baby boy came.