Friday, June 26, 2015

7 months

Sweet Cal Pal, you are seven months old!

Weight: 15.8 lb. (not super accurate as it was a week late and on our bathroom scale!)

Clothes: Calvin is wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. Even though some 3-6 month clothes fit, I boxed them all up at once so I don't have multiple sizes out at once.

Eating: Hello World of Solid Foods! While Calvin is mostly getting just breast milk, he got his first taste of real food this past month. It was actually a funny story- well it is funny now looking back on it… At Calvin's six month appointment, we got the green light to try and put him into child care- he was still susceptible to get sick easily since he was a preemie but we were finally out of the height of RSV and flu season. So the following Sunday we had a member meeting and I decided to put Calvin upstairs in child care with a mission team who was watching kids. When I picked him up an hour later, the sweet girl smiled and said "He got a little fussy so we gave him his fruit and veggie pouch and he was much happier!" I am sure a look of panic washed over my face… fruit and veggie pouch?! I stumbled out that he had never had any food before but its ok, grabbed Calvin and quickly walked to Kerry where I just started to cry. :( I was just in shock that my sweet baby had eaten one of Christian's pouches that contained about 8 different foods including kale, mango, apple and chia seeds! He was totally fine but what a way to be introduced to foods! Ha! We have his tummy a week to recover before we tried some rice cereal and banana. I was also given the go ahead to try and add back in egg to my diet but Calvin's tummy was a hot mess with that so once again we took a week off of solids after I took egg back out. So Calvin's intro into the world of foods has been adventurous and exciting. Officially, now he is eating breast milk, oatmeal, banana and avocado.

Sleep: Calvin has gotten into a pretty good groove, which I am enjoying while it is here because I know everything will probably change in two weeks! He sleeps in the swaddle with his arms out.
Wake Up: Around 8
Naps: 10ish, 1ish, 4ish (wake time is 2-2 1/2 hours and somedays he takes two long naps instead of three)
Bedtime: Around 8:00 with one wake up around 4/5

Playtime and Activities: We got back into the routine of going to the Y this month and Calvin does so well there. He is such an easy going boy who is happy to roll around on his activity mat, hang out in his exersaucer or jumper or snuggle being held. He has been playing with his activity cube, scout, books and anything he can chew on.

Development: It amazing how I was concerned at his 6 month check up about head control but now he is doing tummy time like a champ and rolling over both ways like crazy. He will babble, giggle, reach for toys and has been working on sitting with help.

Firsts and Fun:
*First taste of food
*First family trip to Cannon Beach
* Cabin trips

* Loves to suck on his two fingers on his right hand

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